Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Project 16-1

16-1 scanonce

Digging Deeper into System File Checker.

1. What are other parameters for the sfc command besides /scannow?
sfc /scanonce.

2. Explain the purpose of the findstr command when finding the log file.
The findstr command is short for find string and is a command used in MS-DOS to locate files containing a specific string of plain text.

Can a filename other than sfcdetails.txt be used in the findstr command line?
Yeah, it could be anything really. Any file can be found, you just have to be specific.

What is the purpose of the edit command?
to edit things
Explain why the icacls command is needed in the process.
Icacls.exe deal with the process manages Windows dll files and loads them into Windows memory.

List some ways that you can locate a known good copy of the corrupted system file

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Project 15-4

Using Ntbtlog.txt

I have to compare ntbtlog.txt from standard, to safe mode.
The differences are quite a bit. I can't really go in and explain the specifics being this blog would be like 20 pages long. But I took a screen shot of the properties window of the 2 different ntbtlogs next to eachother to show the file differences, and how safemodes ntbtlog is quite a bit larger than the standard ntbtlog

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Project 15-3

For this project I have to boot into the Recovery Environment using the windows 7 dvd.
I am to execute startup repair process, and my results for attempt number one is.. that there is no system state for me to backup to, (which isnt right becasue I made a system state.. 2 of them actually)

I'm rebooting now to try another option. And thats to use a backup point

The most recent restore point is a windows update on 11/10/2010 at 3:31:45 am

I now have to open command prompt and open the registry window. I used the regedit command.

Now i have to move a file from my documents folder to a flash drive.
so in command prompt i went to my documents folder by typing "cd documents"
and then typing "copy lolwut.jpg f:\"
my message read "1 file(s) copied."

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Project 14-6

I had to create a custom console for my desktop by following steps in the book, ha.
here is a screen shot of my console, next to the icon of it on my desktop.

Project 14-5

Editing and restoring the registry

I had to export a registry key to the desktop prior to making a change, I named it lol.
Then I changed the name of the recycle bin to trash can. here is a screen shot of all my hard work

Project 14-3

Practicing Launching Programs at Startup

1. Launch notepad at startup.
(clicked start > programs > right clicked Startup and hit open > then went to start>programs>accessories and copied notepad and pasted it in the startup folder. )

2. Launch command prompt on startup.
(licked start > programs > right clicked Startup and hit open > then went to start>programs>accessories and copied command prompt and pasted it in the startup folder. )

I restarted my pc, and notepad opened along with command prompt, successfully. No errors.
Then i removed the two programs off the startup folder.

Project 14-2

for this blog I had to disable all the non-windows startup items by using msconfig.
so I did here:

Then i downloaded and installed WinPatrol:

Then i went back into msconfig and enabled all the things i disabled and then restarted

When restarted, WinPatrol popped up messages for all the things I had re-enabled basically asking me if i'm aware of them being open.